Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a while...

So yeah I haven't really been keeping up with this, other things have been occupying my time. Since I last blogged many things have happened, hikes, times with the family,  wacky wednesdays, youth group kickoff (the remnant), and many other things. I spend most of my time lately at the pool, meeting people and hanging, and working out. Last night was the first meeting of our new youth group We had 7 youth, 3 of which were new to the church! I am going geocaching with a few of them tomorrow and plan to do many other cool activities with them. I am so excited to see what else God has in store for me this summer, He's already done so much. I've been feeling funky lately like I am not really doing anything here, but I know that it's just like the wednesday of band camp (for lack of a better explanation haha), I just have to push through this funk and everything will be amazing! Prayers for strength for others this summer especially my family in Brazil and my mom and the coast, remember also Glade church and their new youth group the remnant:) its small, but God only needs one to make an impact imagine 7!:)  Also pray for these next few weeks as I will be working on some ideas for kids after this wednesday because we are putting an end to the wackiness due to planning icecream  parties, movie nights with families and many other exciting things pray for the weather for these days and for attendance! Thanks for all the support and there are a few pictures of the last few weeks to come

Thursday, June 10, 2010


 So everything is starting to pick up....

                             Wednesday turned out great!
We had some trouble getting our songs to work, but it all worked out:) I got to teach the music (with motions) to the kids and they LOVED it! We actually had around 14-16 show up which was a good crowd. This next wednesday we will start our themed lessons from moose mountain and the kids are super excited (as am i!). Today Pastor Gene, his wife, and I went to Charleston for summer missionary "orientation". I got to meet the other summer missionaries and the southern baptist convention here. It was a fun and refreshing time, just to see where others were. However, none had a better placement than me:) I am extremely blessed. There were around 4 from alabama, and many were working as a group. I dont believe any other girls were working alone. After that we drove 2hrs back, grabbed lunch, and I helped desiree and others to set up camp glade, where i will be doing a lot of work. I then gave blood (almost passed out later) and have been organizing music folders since 7 This may be my last post for awhile because of the business of coming times... maybe pool tomorrow? zumba party!!! bible studies and camp glade!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Exciting Summer

So over the past few days I have met many people. The church picnic was fun, however it rained the whole time! I am meeting many youth which is so exciting. I'm coming up with many plans I just need a way to execute them...
Since I got here I have been studying many old bible stories, coming up with ideas for the kids this summer. Its good refreshing myself almost. I think mostly though God is telling me to be still. This summer seems like it will be very "'lax" in my ministry. I will be doing a lot of things, but I won't be going on trip after trip. It's going to be a different experience using my relationship building skills...I know it will change some things:)

Today I worked out with Mrs. Johnson at the YMCA this morning and WoW I was not feeling so great after. Later on a youth and her younger sister came and hung out and ate dinner. We played outside with chalk and bubbles, and later some others showed up to help in our fun. EVERYONE was trying to make the giant bubbles and they were everywhere:) I took some pictures today of Laken, the little girl that I am living with, and Heather the sister of the youth playing today. I definitely need to start taking more pics. I think the rest of the week will consist of Wacky Wednesday, Tea Parties,Zumba, and other fun things, I am ready to do something

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well I've made it! Glade Springs is a wonderful community and I am racking my brain for ideas for summer. The family I'm staying with is wonderful and I actually spent a lot of my time today with their 3 yr old trying to figure out how to blow giant bubbles for the church picnic Sunday afternoon. It was so hard! I just got back from the store with some new ingredients for them and hope it works:) I was introduced to the children last night during their Wacky Wednesday service and helped out with a scavenger hunt. I've met a few youth, many are still in school. I had the chance to take a walk with Pastor's wife Mrs. Peggie (whom I love already!) and this morning I decided to run almost the same route however as soon as I stepped outside I fell...Pastor Gene saw the whole thing from next door it was awful, but pretty funny. I twisted my ankle a little but I'm sure it will be better in no time! Everyone here is super nice and I know I'm going to have a wonderful summer "working" for God:)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almost There

so it's really close to my trip. I have been doing a good bit of preparing as far as prayer etc, however, yesterday I got the book Radical by David Platt. I started today and am halfway through, and planning on finishing tonight. I have also been following his podcasts which are also pretty eye opening and equipping. Platt's words are reminding me so much of that eager hunger for God. This book is amazing so far, and I am positive that this is the place i need to be this summer. God is reawakening me and my passion, preparing me for the work ahead, and I am soooo ready to get to it. One more day! May God receive the glory!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hello All!
Well this is my first post, and as most of you all know I have been assigned to be a summer missionary in Daniels, WV this summer with the North American Mission Board. I am really excited to see what God has planned. I know it will be great! The church there is called Glade Community Church under the direction of Gene Johnson. Please be praying for his ministry and that I will be of help to get children and especially youth involved.
I went back to Troy this Monday after helping with the annual water festival and then got super sick with some kind of virus. Bleh what a great way to spend the last trip to my "second" home. I hope to be back on my feet soon.
I'm really nervous about my trip as far as being overwhelmed with this amazing task. Over the last few semesters, things in my life have really changed. My basic beliefs have been challenged and I know more than ever that carrying God's message is my task in life. I just need to know how to equip myself and I know God will help me with that!
Please pray for the church and other summer missionaries. Also pray for the wellness of me and everyone else suffering through this gross virus. Lastly pray that I will gain the comfort and confidence I need to be myself this summer.
God is Good (as my dad would say)
Psalm 31:24