Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a while...

So yeah I haven't really been keeping up with this, other things have been occupying my time. Since I last blogged many things have happened, hikes, times with the family,  wacky wednesdays, youth group kickoff (the remnant), and many other things. I spend most of my time lately at the pool, meeting people and hanging, and working out. Last night was the first meeting of our new youth group We had 7 youth, 3 of which were new to the church! I am going geocaching with a few of them tomorrow and plan to do many other cool activities with them. I am so excited to see what else God has in store for me this summer, He's already done so much. I've been feeling funky lately like I am not really doing anything here, but I know that it's just like the wednesday of band camp (for lack of a better explanation haha), I just have to push through this funk and everything will be amazing! Prayers for strength for others this summer especially my family in Brazil and my mom and the coast, remember also Glade church and their new youth group the remnant:) its small, but God only needs one to make an impact imagine 7!:)  Also pray for these next few weeks as I will be working on some ideas for kids after this wednesday because we are putting an end to the wackiness due to planning icecream  parties, movie nights with families and many other exciting things pray for the weather for these days and for attendance! Thanks for all the support and there are a few pictures of the last few weeks to come

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  1. Hooray for geocaching! It is a great come together activity!


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